Ability Tests

Ability tests are an important part of an effective personnel selection system. Tests are one of the most effective ways we can measure certain abilities which are critical to success on jobs. Information from tests, when combined with other sources of information about candidates, such as work history, attitude measures, interview data, and references, round out the information which employers have about potential job candidates, giving the hiring supervisor a more complete set of information from which to make selection, placement, and employee development decisions.

We have developed several suggested test batteries using tests from industry leaders. Our validated employment tests identify applicants with the ability to learn, solve problems, and make good decisions. Tests are available for a wide range of occupations including:

  • entry-level professional
  • customer service
  • clerical
  • production/mechanical
  • skilled and semi-skilled
  • technical

Use all your resources--Why should we test for aptitude?

It is a well-established scientific fact that cognitive ability is the best predictor of long term success at work.

And, using valid, reliable measures of personality builds on that - it doubles your ability to predict who will be an outstanding performer on the job! CM Consults can help add value to whatever you are already doing in your selection process
by customizing a selection system that meet your needs.

The graphic below shows very clearly that standardized testing for cognitive ability is superior to all other selection practices.