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Job-Related Selection Systems
We will help you structure an effective system, selecting from among the best published assessment tools, or developing customized tools designed specifically for your organization. From Realistic Job Previews, to targeted performance review systems, our techniques will help your business achieve its specific goals.

Job Analysis/Competency Modeling
Whether you are developing hiring processes, performance appraisals, or training programs it is important to identify the competencies, knowledge, skill, and ability requirements essential for job success. Job Analysis/Competency Modeling will allow you to develop the blueprint you need to build a comprehensive system.

Employee Development and Training
Assessment can help analyze strengths and weaknesses, and allow targeted employee development and training activities.

Front End Analysis
The best defense is a good offence. Employers who review their hiring and promotion procedures in advance of litigation substantially reduce the likelihood of legal challenge. We will work with your staff to review current employee hiring procedures and make recommendations concerning areas that should be addressed.

Train your HR Staff
We provide training on a broad range of employee selection issues, and can consult with your staff as they develop your own employee selection system. You not only train your HR staff, but also reap the benefits of a customized, tailored selection system so you can make hiring decisions with confidence.

Performance Reviews
A key responsibility all managers face is the evaluation of employee performance. We can provide the tools and training necessary to develop an effective performance management system. Our tools will provide the information you need to target career paths and opportunities, and can be used to provide diagnostic feedback.

Validity is the benchmark of usefulness. The process of insuring that an assessment instrument is valid (that it measures what it is suppose to measure) can be complex and expensive. We can help to select the appropriate validation strategy, and conduct the necessary research, or consult with your staff as they complete the required studies. We have also developed techniques which
transport previously conducted studies to your organization, resulting in enormous cost savings
over conducting local studies. Learn more about assessment.



"Let us train your staff to develop
job-related selection tools."






"Assessment helps target training activities to develop employee skills. build productivity, and boost morale"