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Managing your Property the Way You Would if You had the Time and Experience.

Stressed out from managing your own property?

Unhappy with your current managing company?

Whether you are a busy professional with limited time, or are just getting involved with apartment ownership, we can assist you with all your real estate needs.

Rent Surveys

Rent surveys establish the appropriate rents for your location.


We use a variety fo effective techniques to identify qualified prospective tenants including: online and print media ads, eye catching signs and banners, our association with realtors, and networking. Sean Mahaffey can assist you with all of your real estate needs.


Prospective tenants are handled with focused individual attention during showing appointments. Interested prospects fill out applications which are carfully screened and approved. Leases, which comply with all local and state laws, are then signed.


Building Maintenance is our most important service. We have a host of independent contractors that have proven ability to provide quality work at reasonable prices---with a quick response times. We encourage communication with tenants, by requesting their input on a montly basis regarding any maintenance issues which may need to be addressed. Residents can contact us at any time by e-mail or phone to make a maintenance request or to notify us of any problems that they see.

Remodeling and Updating Units

We have extensive experience in building and remodleling apartment units. We can add that "new feel" to existing units in a cost effective manner. See some of our work by clicking here.

Rent Collection and Accounting

We insure that rents are collected in a timely manner, and accounting information is delivered to you by mid- month so that you can feel confident that your income stream will not be interruped.







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