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Homebuilders Are Busiest Since 2007

As the job market improves, millennials are ready to own. Builders broke ground on the most homes since 2007, another sign of the housing market's gathering momentum.

Southland Home Sales Hit 9-year High

The Southern California ousing market is enjoying a nine-year high. This represents a housing market that's picked up stem from a sluggish 2014. Most economists predict con tinued price appreciation ahead.

How long stuff lasts

Buying a house is just the beginning. Before long, you'll be repairing it, too. Fortunately, many building components- foundation, framing, plumbing and wiring- should last 50 years or more. But mechanical systems, appliances and surfaces exposed to the weather will not last nearly that long, even under the best of circumstances. The older the house, the more maintenance it usually needs. Predicted life spans are published for everything from microwaves to garage-door openers. Although these estimates are helpful, they are not intended to be exact, and our experience can help you identify the systems that are likely to need repair in your new home.

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