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Cheryl Mahaffey has over 25 years of experience working in industries such as banking, insurance, finance, manufacturing, retail, electric and gas utilities, telecommunications, and the public sector. Her expertise includes test development and validation, development and evaluation of training programs, EEO related consulting, and selection system development. Highlights of projects she has completed are outlined below:

Test Development and Validation Studies

Consulted with Adecco to develop parameters for the development of a global call center assessment solution. The project involved review of present practice in Belgium, Germany, France, New Zealand, the Netherlands, USA, Australia and the UK. Key strategic marketing and design issues were identified for the development and delivery of call center assessment instruments.

Directed occupational analysis, identified job families, developed ability tests, conducted criterion related validation studies, and performed meta-analysis and transportability studies for Bell South. Test batteries were developed for clerical, sales, and technical job classes.

Conducted transportability studies which established the validity of entry test procedures for a variety of clients, including Rockwell, Arthur Anderson, Wells Fargo Bank, Blue Cross of New Jersey, Barclays American Mortgage, The Air Quality Management District, Transamerica Life Companies, Soloman Brothers, T. Rowe Price, Homestead Financial Services, Thompson Tractor, Northwest National Gas, Citizen Savings, and Union Pacific Railroad

Consulted with the County of Los Angeles to review key HR systems (recruitment, selection, classification and compensation) and make recommendations for improvements.

Consulted with Transamerica Life Companies to develop a modern and effective Human Resources Division. This included analysis of problems and recommended solutions with respect to job information systems, effective recruiting procedures, effective application acceptance and evaluation procedures, appropriate selection procedures including selection tests and interviews, EEO considerations, training and employee development procedures, and performance monitoring. This study included interviews with key management personnel in all lines of business and an audit of Human Resources Division personnel as they completed their daily functions. As a result of this study, the Human Resources Division was reorganized.

Consulted with Transamerica Life Companies to identify work behaviors which reflected the Corporate Business Philosophy. These work behaviors were translated into structured interview questions designed to assess managerial candidates.

Oversaw the deployment of PSI pre-employment selection tests on the web-based Performance Assessment Network (PAN)

Consulted with to develop and deploy a web-based pre-screening test for their on-line recruiting system.

Consulted with the Credit Union Executive Society to identify a job related test battery appropriate for the industry. Authored the new CUES Hire Right Guide which provides a step-by-step guide through the employee selection process.

Consulted with the Institute of Professional Environmental Practice to develop examinations for the Qualified Environmental Professional (QEP) credential. This included a general multi-disciplinary examination as well as specialty examinations in Air Quality, Water Quality, Waste Management, and Environmental Science Management and Policy.

Consulted with the American Banking Association to develop a new 44 page "Hiring Guide", which covers key aspects of the pre-employment process including the use of validated tests, interviewing, and making selection decisions.

Developed technical validation report for TONEBURST, a voice screening system for call center representatives developed by Venturi Partners.

Developed validation report for Silgan Plastics.

Consulted with attorneys concerning interview procedures for the Department of Water and Power.

Consulted with attorneys concerning validation requirements for selection procedures for law enforcement personnel in the Los Angeles Sheriff Department.

Documented the development of work sample tests for process control technicians.

Directed the development of a series of assessment exercises, including in-baskets, role plays, and interviews, which were utilized to assess promotional candidates for Captain, Lieutenant, and Sergeant for the Los Angeles Marshall's Department.

Directed occupational analysis, and exam plan development for the California Board of Landscape Architects.

Directed the job analysis and development of a job-related certification test for Nurse-Midwife for the California Board of Architectural Examiners.

Served as technical consultant on a project to develop licensing examinations for contractors in eight trade areas. This included a comprehensive job analysis using both questionnaire and interview techniques.

Directed the development of prototype licensing examination questions for Architects for a California licensing board. This involved the development of a number of unique item types which closely reflect architectural practice.

Consulted with the National Council of Architectural Registration boards to field test and evaluate three new test item prototypes which closely reflect architectural practice.

Conducted a criterion-related validation study for the Medicare Group at Transamerica Life Companies to select an entry-level test battery for Claims Examiners. Consulted with the Medicare Group to develop a job-related training program for Claims Examiner.

Established uniform selection procedures for all clerical employees at a national insurance company.

Served as technical consultant on a project involving the development of an employee selection system for Account Representatives for a national financial firm. This included job analysis to determine job requirements and development of content representative ability tests, a tailored application, and a structured interview. Concurrent and predictive validation studies were conducted.

Expanded the initial employment selection system PSI developed for Customer Service Representative at a major financial firm to include ability tests, tailored application blank, and a structured interview.

Consulted with a new division of a national can manufacturing company to develop job analyses for new positions and to establish appropriate selection and evaluation procedures. This included developing a tailored application blank, structured interview procedures, and selection of written tests.

Directed the development of a modified assessment center used to select Sergeants for a San Diego Sheriff department. This included development of open-ended scenarios with objective scoring keys.

Conducted a needs analysis of the Maintenance Administrator position at Pacific Bell which identified problems impacting employee performance.

Conducted a needs analysis of first level supervisory positions in the Maintenance Center at Pacific Bell. The study identified problems preventing Assistant Managers from realizing their full potential and recommended solutions to address these problems. Assisted in developing a revised manual to help Maintenance Administrator Supervisors manage their function.

Developed a structured interview procedure which could be used for a variety of entry-level positions at Pacific Bell.

Served as technical consultant for a job analysis of the Circuit Assigner position at a western communications company. Consulted with company management concerning performance evaluation factors which should be utilized.

Served as project manager for court-ordered study in a major Northern California police department involving the design, development, and implementation of assessment standards to be administered at the end of academy training and in the field. The project included a comprehensive job analysis and development of a Field Training Officer Program to evaluate the progress of recruits.

Served as project manager of a criterion-related validation study of written and physical pre-employment examinations for a large Northern California police department. This project included the development of work samples as well as rating procedures for use as criteria.

Directed a major study in a multi-plant can manufacturing company (Silgan Containers) for 23 skilled and semi-skilled job classifications. Identified key knowledges, skills, and abilities and developed written performance tests for use in determining promotability, evaluating job performance, and establishing qualifications for journeyman status.

Directed a project involving job analysis for a major Southern California police department. This included the isolation of major tasks; sources of information used; frequency and importance of task performance; and the skills, knowledges, abilities, and personal characteristics which are required to perform patrol work.

Directed a large-scale project involving the validation of pre-employment physical job requirements for a major Southern California police department. Isolated critical work behaviors and developed work samples which were used as criteria in the study.

Served as associate investigator in the court-ordered criterion-related validation study for the position of fire fighter in a major Northern California municipality. The project included a comprehensive job analysis in which over 100 critical job activities were identified, and the development of job knowledge tests and peer and supervisory rating procedures to measure performance in these areas.

Directed a follow-up validation study for a major Northern California fire department using academy performance measures for criteria.

Conducted a criterion-related validation study of two can manufacturing jobs which included the development of job knowledge tests, work samples, and rating procedures for use as criterion measures.

Used E. Primoff's job element method to develop skill, knowledge, and ability lists for 10 clerical classifications for Los Angeles Unified School District, and conducted criterion-related validation studies in accordance with EEOC Guidelines.

Directed the development of content-valid pre-employment work sample tests for the Stockroom Clerk position for an electrical components manufacturer.

Consulted with a northwestern city for the purpose of reviewing the city's present selection system, isolating possible compliance problems, and recommending procedures which would bring the city into compliance. This included a comprehensive analysis of the utilization of minorities and/or females and identification of the reasons for underutilization.

Conducted job analysis on more than 15 separate job classifications for Southern California Edison and developed job knowledge tests to be used as part of the job bidding system.

Developed a system of job analytic procedures used by a large metropolitan school district to ensure that the content validation of examination procedures, both written and oral, conforms with the Uniform Guidelines on Employee Selection Procedures.

Conducted physical requirements job analysis on five construction worker job classifications for a major electrical utility. This included isolating physical job activities and determining the range of body movement, pace at which work was performed, and physical loading in terms of weight and effort.

Conducted criterion-related validation study of custodian job classification.

Consulted on a criterion-related validation study for a major Southern California fire department.

Conducted job analysis on three classifications for a major southwestern utility which included isolation of major job activities and a detailed description of incumbent job performance, equipment used, critical knowledge areas, and the consequences of failure to perform. Developed job knowledge tests for each job.

Development and Evaluation of Training Programs

Co-producer of a video-driven training program for a national financial institution. Training material covered procedures to be used in recruiting and selecting employees, and included detailed training in how to conduct effective interviews.

Delivered training to banking Human Resources managers via American Banking Association's cable television station, American Financial Skylink.

Directed the development of statewide selection and training standards for a law enforcement training council (California Police Officers Training Council).

Directed the development of evaluation systems to assess the trainee qualifications for The Michigan Law Enforcement Training Council. This project included the development of written and performance tests.

Directed the development of a mini-training program to be used to screen applicants into Electronic Switching job programs for AT&T.

Directed the development of written pre-training and post-training tests to measure the adequacy of a training program at a major west coast bank. Work included review of training materials and the development of detailed training objectives. Training sessions were held with bank personnel in the construction of test items.

Assisted in developing and conducting a training program in job analysis and examination development for the personnel department of a major western city.

Consulted with training instructors at a west coast communications company for craft and telephone jobs to assist in conducting job analysis to identify training needs; and translating them into behaviorally-stated performance objectives, developing a training curriculum, which included self-paced instructional modules, developing student evaluation procedures, and developing course evaluation procedures.

Developed and conducted interview training for Pacific Bell.

Litigation & EEO Related Activities

Served as consultant to attorneys concerning compliance requirements for a major Southern California police department.

Reviewed criticisms of criterion-related validation study for attorneys representing a city police department.

Consulted with can manufacturing company concerning EEOC requirements and designed efforts which would bring company into compliance with Federal regulations.


She is the author of numerous publications including the American Bankers Association's Hiring Guide, The Credit Union Executive Society (CUES's) Hire Right Guide, PSI's Questions and Answers on Employment Testing, and Accommodating Employment Testing to the Needs of Individuals with Disabilities, The First 30 Days: the Most Critical Time to Influence Employee Success; VALIDITY GENERALIZATION: Will it become the fourth major line of validity evidence or a pipe-dream?; and Hire Right: How to find and keep the best people

Work Experience
Cheryl works with businesses across the country to design and implement human resource programs that allow them to evaluate and select the best possible employees. She specializes in the development and evaluation of employee selection procedures and training programs.

She has conducted or directed the analysis of more than 400 jobs, with the goal of developing valid selection procedures. Her experience in test construction and validation ranges from the development of licensing and certification examinations to ability tests. She advises clients in both the public and private sector regarding compliance with fair employment and affirmative action requirements, including ADA provisions.

Prior to establishing CMC, Cheryl served as both as Vice President and Director of Consulting Services for Psychological Services, Inc. (PSI), a well-known test publication and consulting organization. In that capacity, she has consulted with hundreds of companies, helping them establish job-related and defensible selection systems. Before establishing her long-term relationship with PSI, Cheryl evaluated the effectiveness of training programs for GTE (General Telephone Company), and developed and validated selection tests for The Los Angeles Unified School District.

Other Professional Activities

Past President and Past Member of Board of Directors of the Personnel Testing Council of Southern California.

Past Chair of the Research Subcommittee on physical job standards for the Technical Advisory Committee on Testing to the Fair Employment Practices Commission.

As a member of Compliance Review Subcommittee of the Technical Advisory Committee on Testing to the California Fair Employment Practices Commission, reviewed validation studies which were submitted to the FEPC and made recommendations concerning compliance. The Compliance Review Subcommittee also provides technical assistance to FEPC officers.

Participated in drafting Guidelines on the Employment of Persons with Disabilities for submission to the California Fair Employment Practices Commission.

Delivered addresses to the Credit Union Executive Society, the Personnel Testing Council of Southern California, the Southern California Personnel Management Association, the International Personnel Management Association Assessment Council, the Personnel Testing Council of San Diego, the Western Regional Personnel Management Association, and the American Bankers Association.

Educational Background

B.A. in Psychology, University of Southern California
M.A. in Sociology, California State University at Northridge

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